i think a lot of people would associate wolfenstein to synonymous with the genre fps, but you’re saying there’s gonna be more story-driven moments. and i was reading early on you were talking about it is very important to you to create the story of b.j. blazkowicz as something people can relate to, right? so what can we expect out of the story, some big setpiece-moments?

– daniel kayser from gametrailers in conversation with jens matthies, creative director for wolfenstein: the new order.

you can see the video here. the quote starts at 1:15.


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aus der beschreibung bei youtube:

An homage dedicated to the Super Nintendo & my childhood. The idea of the video is as the title suggests. The sprites that are featured in the video are seen in their idle animations or left alone to be pummeled, etc. I tried fitting in as many games as I could that featured sprites in a classic side-scrolling style. Besides being zoomed in, all of the footage is in it’s original emulated state/speed without manipulation.

jaja, ich weiß, ziemlich lange nichts passiert. aber manchmal fühlt man sich einfach so alt.

zb. deswegen:


vor allem weil ich mir die special edition eben nur aufgrund dieser lp gekauft hatte.